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You won’t find a number of Dallas Porsche repair shops, and even the ones you find may make tall claims but fail to deliver when the time comes. In your times of need, it’s prudent to opt for guaranteed services like those of European Auto Tech Plano. After all, you would like all repair works done for your prized possession be backed by a guarantee to make the most of every dime spent. At European Auto Tech Plano, all our the Porsche repair Dallas services are backed by a guarantee for 4000 miles or 90 days, whichever is earlier.

Along with providing the best possible Porsche service Dallas, we also offer an exceptional customer service and complete assistance to locate the root cause of problem plaguing your car, after which the necessary repair works are done.

Some of our key Porsche repair Dallas services that deserve a special mention include –
  • Complete diagnostics
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Radiator and water pump
  • Tune-up, repair and full maintenance service
  • Thorough diagnostic evaluation by certified technicians
  • Transmission service and repair
  • Oil change and maintenance
  • Exhaust system repair
  • Analysis of alignments and brakes, and repairing jobs where necessary
  • Repair of Air conditioning/heater
  • Clutches and Transmission
  • Cooling system examination
  • Belts and hoses repair
  • Fuel system inspection
  • Analysis of Steering and Shocks
  • Tire/wheels: Balancing, mounting and flat repair
  • SRS (safety restraint system)
  • Inspections before purchase

The reason why European Auto Tech Plano is one of the leading Dallas Porsche repair shops is that we offer utmost care to the unique problems of every Porsche owner, and provide top-notch services at honest pricing to help our clients get their car back on road at the earliest. So, whether you are looking for a competent Porsche mechanic in Dallas, or a full-service Porsche repair Dallas shop, head straight to European Auto Tech Plano or fix an appointment with us.

Dallas Porsche Repair Shops: Porsche Service Center

European Auto Tech Plano has made a mark with its quality services, especially in terms of Porsche service, Dallas. Having some of the most experienced group of Porsche mechanic in Dallas on board, we use their expertise, well complemented by the high end technologies, to offer exceptional services for Porsche and other high-end cars. Having been in the industry for more than a period of 18 years, we know what it takes to repair and maintain your Porsche.

Being led by people who are genuinely passionate about cars, we give utmost priority to the prized possessions of our clients. European Auto Tech Plano has been the client's first choice in the Porsche repair Dallas industry right from its initial days of operations. With our state-of-the art services and experienced group of staffs, we have wowed a huge number of clients. We are specialized in European as well as Asian repair services, and quality and unparalleled Porsche repair service in Dallas.
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