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When you own luxury Asian and European cars, you may be charged a hefty amount every time you go for a tune up or maintenance. As these cars are sophisticated and need to be attended and maintained regularly, the entire job can cause a big hole in your pocket if you aren’t careful in choosing are reliable and competent Dallas auto repair shop. After all, luxury is good but budget is also something that needs to be taken care of. It is with fact in mind that we at European Auto Tech Plano offer quality maintenance and tune-up services for luxury sedans in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few services that European Auto Tech Plano offers as a part of its maintenance and tune up bouquet:
  • Brake and repair service : Brakes require servicing from time to time as they are probably the most delicate part of your car. Starting from brake pad replacement, to replacement of wheel cylinders, maintaining rotors, addressing anti-lock brake system issues and more, we can handle them all.
  • Preventive maintenance or routine maintenance : This is the best way to keep your car in the best condition and prevent heavy breakdowns all of a sudden.
  • Transmission repair services : This is the most important aspect of a car repair service. It can make or break your car. Some problems of your car can be easily solved with minor adjustments while others, on the contrary, may need an overhaul.
  • Air conditioning repair or maintenance services : This includes testing and inspection of cabin filter, recharging and evacuating Freon and other such necessary services.
  • Emergency maintenance : You will never want your car to break down every now and then, and become stranded. For all your emergency situations, contact us and we will be there in no time at all. We also provide towing in addition to repairing your car so you can relax and let us handle the problem.

We owe our success to all our customers who rely on us and even recommend us in glowing terms to their friends and family. We are overwhelmed with their kind and excellent feedbacks, every time they visit us, and this gives us another reason to strive towards excellence. We will continue to please all our customers with the same amount of dedication and hard work in the years to come as we believe that we owe it all to them. A hundred per cent customer satisfaction has been, is, and will be our primary priority. So, visit European Auto Tech Plano, located on Central Expressway Plano, TX to experience it all and more.

Maintenance and Tune-up Services in Dallas

European Auto Tech Plano is one of the leading brands in maintenance and tune up services in Dallas through two decades. The company has been ruling the field of in luxury Asian and European repair and maintenance services ever since its establishment. With a team of skilled and professional technicians on board, it definitely bestows all its customers’ with uninterrupted services and a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure. With honest prices, great seasonal offers and many more quality services to take your pick from, European Auto Tech Plano has emerged as a name that people can trust with their eyes shut when it comes to maintenance and tune-up services in Dallas and the surrounding areas.
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