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Being one of the leading Volvo repair and maintenance specialists in the city, European Auto Tech Plano offers guaranteed Volvo service in Dallas. The groups of technicians who are working with us are all trained and certified to give you your money’s worth. Since providing the best “performance when you want it” is what we strive to do always, you can expect the best possible solution to each and every problem of your Volvo once you bring your prized sedan to us.

Some of our key services that you can benefit from include:
  • Thorough battery services
  • Full change of synthetic oil
  • Fuel injection flush
  • Power steering flush
  • Filling tires with Nitrogen s to ensure extended tire life
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Ensuring that your Volvo’s tires are rotated, repaired, and balanced
  • Replacement of rear or front brake pads
  • Complete factory diagnosis

What’s more, we offer huge discounts and special offers on all these services every now and then, which you can use to save precious dollars without compromising on the quality aspect.

Being located conveniently on the Central Expressway Plano, TX, European Auto Tech Plano is completely reachable to everyone who needs expert help for his/her Volvo. We understand how it feels to not find reliable Volvo repair shops in Dallas, even when you are ready to splurge on your investment. That’s why we request you to bring your Volvo to us so that we get a chance to wow you with our op-of-the-line Volvo service Dallas, and that too without costing you the moon!

Set an appointment with us today to experience it all and more.

Volvo Repair Service Center Dallas TX: Volvo Specialist

European Auto Tech Plano, a car repairing and servicing company based in Dallas and Fort Worth area, is a famous name when it comes to Volvo repair Dallas centers. If you are looking for qualified and trusted Volvo service Dallas shops, we are the one who can offer you the ultimate satisfactory experience.

When it comes to Volvo repair shops in Dallas, you won’t have many choices. Though you can find a limited number of shops that would claim to handle your sedan, you would never know what you soul expect to get. That’s why it’s prudent to put your trust into someone like European Auto Tech Plano who have been in business for over 18 years and have a team that’s armed with a wide range of experience and expertise to handle all needs of your Volvo. No wonder why European Auto Tech Plano is rated highly as being one of the auto repair shops offering top-notch Volvo service in Dallas at an absolutely affordable rate.

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