Air Conditioner Repair

European Auto Tech Plano specializes in offering air conditioning repair services for luxury Asian and European sedans. In case you own luxury car, you can get your ACchecked by us to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and cool ride on those hot summer days. Be it re-filling the coolant/cooling fluid; checking your cooling system and fixing glitches, if any; or cleaning and disinfecting the cooling system, we can do all that and more at European Auto Tech Plano.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Dallas Fort Worth Area

European Auto Tech Plano has dedicated and experienced specialists on board to offer complete and reliable air conditioning and repair services in Dallas and Fort Worth area. Been in the business for over 18 years now, we know how uncomfortable it can become when your sedan’s air conditioning (AC) malfunctions. Many of our customers complain of experiencing performance issues or outright break down on the road due to some types of AC malfunctioning. So, if you notice that your AC is not performing the way it’s expected to, you should bring your vehicle right away to us at European Auto Tech Plano so that the problem can be fixed before it takes a serious turn.

Common Signs of Air Conditioning Malfunction

Whether you own a BMW, SAAB, Audi, or any other luxury Asian/European sedan, you should bring your car for a check if you notice any of these common signs of a malfunctioning AC:
  • Vents blow cold air erratically
  • Vents blow only hot air
  • Noises produced by your running AC
  • A foul smell given off by your AC
  • Your car becomes hot or its performance is impaired every time you run your AC

Diagnosis and Repair by Experts

Every AC service and repair at European Auto Tech Plano begins with an expert diagnosis to ensure that the real cause of your problem is identified and dealt with. Both an external and through internal check is done to locate the root cause of trouble, after which the experts fix the problem. Usually, we check:
  • The seals, hoses, and lines
  • Cracks or damages on the AC compressor drive belt
  • Damage or leaks affecting the AC components
  • How well the AC compressor and other components are working

Once we find out the real cause of your sedan’s problems, we will perform suitable service, such as:
  • Removing/recharging the system refrigerant
  • Replacing leaky seals or hoses
  • Performing any essential service on AC components
  • Rechecking the system to ensure that it’s functioning as it should

Your car’s air conditioning system ensures that the climate inside remains pleasant and healthy. So, you should get it examined periodically by professionals who would clean and disinfect the cooling system, replacing coolant when necessary, and handle all other repair and maintenance tasks to make sure that everything functions perfectly. So, bring your prized possessions to us for quality AC service and repairs at affordable costs. You can contact us to schedule your air conditioning service appointment.
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