Engine Repair Service

At European Auto Tech Plano, the experts possess extensive knowledge and experience to handle even the most tough repair works related to every high-end models of luxury Asian and European cars. We know that it is essential to use the latest technology for assessing the engine problem of these prized possessions to diagnose the problem and offer customers the best solution. We take pride in replacing original engines or repairing the engines to their original working condition after a complete diagnostic procedure that covers all facets of the construction and control systems of these engines.

Engine Repair and Replacement Service

Engine is the core of any automobile that determines its overall functionality and quality. At times, it needs certain repair works or replacement and just an ordinary mechanic cannot handle this job, especially for a high-end vehicle like BMW, Audi, Volvo, Lexus, Saab, or other posh cars. It requires certified experts who are specially trained and possess the best knowledge about every brand of car to address the problems that arise in the engines. European Auto Tech Plano provides each customer with services offered by the best technicians who have adequate set of skills, expertise and knowledge to handle such jobs.

Range of Engine Services

Each luxury Asian and European car has a different type of engine, and every engine requires a different set of expertise. The extent of repair and maintenance service is also based on the driving conditions and usage of each vehicle. Our experts can address any problem related to the engine of your high-end model vehicle including:
  • Engine surveys
  • Oil change and fuel polishing
  • Diagnosing fuel problems and engine control systems
  • Transmission and sensor repair
  • Vapor lock elimination
  • Timing adjustment
  • Valve replacement
  • Startup of engine after storage
  • Carburetor adjustments and more

However, at times, the condition of the engine is such that it might require a complete replacement. At European Auto Tech Plano, our highly efficient experts can handle the entire engine replacement within the committed time frame.

Choosing the Best Engine Repair Service

Choosing the best engine repair service is very crucial for the investment you have made in your valuable high-end car. The experts at European Auto Tech Plano understand how to use the technologically advanced equipment to determine the exact cause of the problem in the engine. Whether the requirement is just to tune up a small valve or to provide a total engine overhaul, our mechanics do a perfect job to get your vehicle on road for a smooth drive. We claim to be the best in Dallas because our completed work is guaranteed for safety and efficiency. In fact, European Auto Tech Plano is the best place that offers reliable services to customers and also provides the guarantee for free parts and free labor for up to 90 days or 4000 miles, whichever comes first.

Best Pricing

One of the crucial factors in deciding the best engine repair service would be to consider the price. European Auto Tech Pluto offers the best price for all types of engine repair services for your luxury sedan. In addition, there are attractive offers from time to time that do not compromise on the quality of service offered and yet help you get a great deal.
Every engine problem of your high-investment car is solved with best proficiency at the shortest time possible at European Auto Tech Plano. So, contact us for all your engine service needs. We are just a call away!
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