Oil Change Service

Our bouquet of oil change services includes the following:
  • The oil of your car is replaced with your specific choice of semi-synthetic, conventional, or fully synthetic oil, taking into consideration what suits your costly car the best.
  • The oil filter is replaced.
  • All fluids including wiper fluid, engine oil, coolant, etc. are checked for appropriate levels.
  • The air filter of the car is inspected.
  • Undercarriage is inspected.
  • Complete safety check including turn signals, headlights, and brake lights is performed.

European Auto Tech Plano provides you the best and reliable oil change service in Dallas TX and we back our brilliant services by giving a guarantee for 4000 miles or 90 days, whichever is earlier.

Oil Change Service in Dallas TX

With proper preventive maintenance, you can be sure that your investment on luxury Asian or European car will give you the maximum return. After all, your car is most likely to be one of the largest investments, other than your home. European Auto Tech Plano extends the life of your vehicle, irrespective of whether it is a BMW, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Jaguar, Mini, Mercedes, or any other premium car. With 18 years’ of experience in this field, our experts understand and respect the client’s value for time and perform the routine oil change task within a few minutes. However, there are clients who drop their cars for a complete service and pick it up later, when oil change is done along with other essential services.

Need for Oil Change Service

Experts suggest that oil change has to be done every 3000 miles to maximize engine performance under normal and severe driving conditions. Most car manufacturers recommend the frequency of oil change and service performed on your car and irrespective of your driving conditions, you must maintain that frequency to maximize vehicle performance. All you have to do is just give us a call or visit our website and schedule a service appointment of oil change for your car in Dallas. You may also visit the auto repair shop of European Auto Tech located on Central Expressway Plano, TX for details regarding the frequency of oil change. To understand the driving conditions better, you can refer to the car manual.

Why should you choose European Auto Tech Plano for your oil change?

Experts at European Auto Tech Plano understand every vehicle inside out, and hence know how to handle each requirement for a specific model and brand of sedan. This is the reason why we are rated as one of the best oil change services in Dallas TX. This is why we suggest you to fix an appointment with us and drive in your vehicle confidently to get oil change services at honest pricing.

You can even get some tips for the maintenance of your vehicle, as recommended by our experts. Some of the notable ones amongst such tips include:
  • Understand your driving conditions by referring to the manual to follow your car maintenance schedule.
  • Oil is the key factor that determines the smooth performance of your vehicle. Hence, use only the recommended oil. Our oil change service in Dallas TX provides you with the best oil made for high-end cars.
  • Keeping your tires pumped up would improve your mileage. Hence, have a periodic check done to ensure this.
  • Changing air filter is extremely important for your vehicle’s enhanced performance.
  • Check all the vital fluids, power steering, automatic transmission etc. periodically as recommended.

The simple and best way would be to just to schedule and appointment with us at European Auto Tech Plano and have us take care of your car.
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